Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, has revealed that he has never taken smoked cigarettes or drank alcohol in his life.

Akpabio made this disclosure while addressing secondary school students who participated in the grand finale of the National Quiz Competition organised by the National Institute For Legislative And Democratic Studies.

The Senate president adviced them to refrain from taking alcohol or engaging in smoking any form of substance that could be injurious to their health.

According to him, “You should strive to become visionary leaders in the future by abstaining from things that would truncate your dreams and goals.

In my case, I have never sm%ked cigarettes or taken alcohol before. This is because, growing up, I listened to parental guidance.

As a kid, I usually see a man who would stagger on the road and fall into the gutters. I asked my mum who told me it was because he was drunk.

Some people would drink alcohol and drive home while others would drink and drive to paradise”

Akpabio said Nigeria deserves honest youths who are God-fearing.

By Ekene Arodiogbu

Ekene Arodiogbu is the CEO of Excedel World. He loves to listen to good music and watch movies in his spare time.

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