The herbs seller, Eniola Fagbemi has cancelled her attempt to set a new Guinness World Records by cooking herbs (agbo) for 300 hours due to her daughter’s sudden ill health. 

Recall that on November 26 the Oyo native declared to the world that she planned to try her hand at the marathon in Ibadan on December 1.

Eniola said that being a mother has limited her in a recent Facebook post on Monday, December 4. She also mentioned that she is now nursing her child.

The 25-year-old talked about how her baby ended up in the hospital during marathon practice. She posted a photo of her toddler, who she says is going through teething.

According to her:

“…Exposing her to long hours of smoke is a danger to her health, and she’s currently teething, and more clingy to me. “Just for the past few days of me doing rehearsals for the Agbo A Thon, has landed her in the hospital because she was lacking my attention.” 

“The decision for me to cancel my Agbo A Thon was a hard one, but I believe my daughter will be proud of me in the future that I choose her health first before any other thing.”

By Ekene Arodiogbu

Ekene Arodiogbu is the CEO of Excedel World. He loves to listen to good music and watch movies in his spare time.

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