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Depression is a medical condition in which a person feels very sad and anxious.

It is a disorder that causes persistent feelings of sadness, and loss of joy.

The rate at which human beings are getting depressed is increasing massively. This can be caused by the terrible happenings occurring around the world. The cost of living is rising every day because of ever-increasing inflation of prices, insecurity, outbreak of diseases, wars and natural disasters are making depression to be on the increase.

Depression is a monster that should be dealt with so that it will not destroy your life. 

A very popular actress in my country collapsed and died after suffering from years of depression. More than six members of her family died over a very short period of time including her only child. It made her to be depressed and when it became too much for her body to carry she died.

Before we look at how to overcome depression we are going to study the signs and symptoms of depression and then the causes of depression.‍

Signs and symptoms of depression

1.  Persistent depressed mood

This is feeling sad or anxious over a longer period of time.

2. Excessive feeling of guilt and worthlessness

A depressed person will be battling with guilt. He will constantly feel guilty about every little thing. He will be a constant judge of his actions, condemning himself over every little mistake. This can lead to the feeling of worthlessness. Worthlessness is a feeling that you are useless and good for nothing.

 3. Loss of  interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities

When you are depressed you will have less pleasure in hobbies and activities that was once enjoyable to you. The interest for those hobbies will be lost.

4. Difficulty concentrating or making decisions.

A depressed person will struggle to concentrate in activities that require mental concentration such as reading. He will also find it very difficult to make right decisions.

5. Social withdrawal.

Depression can be expressed by constant withdrawal from social activities. He or she will not want to be with friends anymore but will isolate himself from others.

6. Decreased energy or fatigue

 Depression can make a person to become tired easily. A depressed person will lack the energy to pursue his dreams and desire for life.

 7. Weight gain or weight loss.

Depression can become so stressful the body that make the depressed person to lose appetite for food which will then lead to weight loss. In another angle depression can make a person to start eating too much which can lead to weight gain.

8. Changes in sleep patterns.

A depressed can find it very hard to sleep (insomnia) or start sleeping excessively.

9. Short–temperedness

 A depressed person can be easily provoked more than usual.

10. Thoughts of death or suicide or suicidal attempts

Depression can make a person lose interest in life and then desire to die. He will be tempted to end his life.

Causes of Depression.

Depression can be caused by number of factors, and we shall be looking at a few of them.

1. Failures and defeats.

 When a person encounteres failures in life it can lead to depression. There are people who find it very easy to rise after a defeat, but there are others who will keep mourning over their loss, and it will take them a very long time before they get over it, and it can make them to be depressed.

 2. Abuse

Depression can be caused by suffering emotional or sexual or physical abuse.A person who had been raped will easily become depressed whenever she remembers the terrible experience.Abuse of any kind can lead to depression.

3. Medication,alcohol and recreational drugs.

Depression can be side effects of a medicine. It is wisdom to check the side m effects of every medicine before you consume them. Recreational drugs and alcohol can also cause depression. They may give temporary joy and feelings of ecstasy, but it will make you feel worse after a while.

4. Serious illness

When a person is suffering from a long and painful sickness it can lead to depression. Pains of sickness can make a person depressed. Nobody enjoys being sick.

5. Hormones

Hormonal changes that women go through can make them to become depressed and this is what makes women more likely to be depressed than men.

6. Low self– esteem

A person who never sees anything good in him or herself will not escape depression. He will always be comparing himself with other people and this can lead to depression.

 7. Growth changes

 Growth changes in adolescents can be a very rocky experience for some. As the body is undergoing developmental changes mood swings and depression can creep in. This is why adolescents needs caring adults around them who they can easily share with how they feel. These adults can help them navigate through this stormy season of their lives.

 8. Death of a loved one 

The death of a loved one can cause serious depression. When I lost my mother few months ago it was a very terrible experience. For weeks, I was practically useless. All I did throughout that season was to cry and cry. I lost interest in life and nothing was interesting to me then. I was depressed then but now I am better. G

 9. Guilty feelings from wrong behaviours.

When we do something bad we feel guilty because we have a conscience. Although some had killed their conscience that they no longer feel any guilt whenever they do wrong. Too bad. But if your conscience is still alive whenever you do something very bad you will feel sad. This can make you depressed.

10. Conflicts and disagreements 

When people are fighting you over every little thing, it can lead to depression. There is nobody that will be happy when everybody misunderstands him.

How to overcome depression

1. Let go of the hurts from the past

If your depression is caused by what people did to you, until you forgive them you can never be better. As long as you continue to harbor bitterness and ‘unforgiveness’ towards your abusers you may never get better.

2. Forget the mistakes of the past

We all  make mistakes so whenever you make mistakes quickly rise up and try again. Never allow failures to make you depressed. Shake off the dust and try again. The fall of a man is not the end of his life. He can rise again.

 3. Accept your personality

Accept who you are.Never see yourself as inferior and every other person is better you. You are unique and special. Feel good about yourself.

4. Be comforted

The death of someone you love is very painful and can make you depressed but you have to get over it and go on with your life.

5.  Remember the glorious past 

There will always be a time in your life when things were a little better than the present condition, think on those times. Start thinking about those times you emerged the best in your class, how you were honoured for your diligence. Remember how you felt when you bought your first car. As you begin to think on these things,joy will begin to rise up within you which will eliminate depression.

6. Visualize a better future

Paint a mental picture of how you want your life to become in the next few years.  Whenever you feel depressed place that glorious picture of  better tomorrow in your mind. It won’t be long the feelings of excitement and faith will arise within you that will swallow up depression.

7. Speak up

The major challenge of people suffering from depression is that most of them do not speak up.

They have issues and challenges making them depressed but they won’t share their feelings with people around them.They hide everything from everybody. Their family members and friends are not even aware of their struggles because they told no one about it.

If you are depressed and you want to overcome it share it with family and friends. Tell somebody about what is going on with you. Perhaps they might help you. Never keep silent when you are depressed. Speak up and be free. There is someone out there that can help you out of your depression if only you will open up to him or her.


Having seen the signs and symptoms and the causes of depression it becomes a neccesity to overcome it. The way to overcome depression had been discussed already and when you follow those steps mentioned here, depression will be eliminated. 


By Ekene Arodiogbu

Ekene Arodiogbu is the CEO of Excedel World. He loves to listen to good music and watch movies in his spare time.

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